​ready For school inc.

 A nonprofit organization in Connecticut for Peru

Ready For School Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization, incorporated and established in Norwalk, CT to help children go to school in disadvantaged rural communities in Peru.

Ready For School Inc. (RFS) was founded in 2015 by Yessenia De la Cruz Martinez with the help of her family and friends. Since 2015, RFS has organized community activities that are affordable for the whole family to enjoy and at the same time raises funds to support the mission of RFS. After a thorough due diligence process, RFS selected the first elementary school to participate in our program. In May 2015, we held our first donation drive by donating school uniforms to 116 students attending the Corralpampa Elementary School located in Cajabamba, Peru.

In November 2015, we added three additional elementary schools to our program as eligible schools for donations. They are located within the same area of Cajabamba; called Otuto, Coima and Chichir, Peru. The second donation drive took place on November 17, 2015 and we distributed school supplies such as notebooks, pens, coloring books, rulers, sharpeners and board games to the students. We were also able to furnish their newly built lunchroom with 6 dining tables and chairs so the students could have a place to eat lunch together instead of on the floor outside.

The third donation was held on April 10th, 2017 where a group of volunteers, including 3 local students (ages 8-13) made the journey to Cajabamba, Peru to directly give the donation to the students. They carried 22 pieces of luggage bags full of clothing, shoes, and backpacks. RFS delivered them to five elementary schools totaling 332 students, that were more than thrilled to receive the items. This was the biggest donation so far from RFS.

In order to support these programs there are various events organized through-out the year to raise money that need the public participation and business donations. Ready For School Inc. truly appreciates every donation received! If you are not able to donate, please consider volunteering in order to make this organization a success. 

Ready For School would like to thank all of our previous supporters and business partners that have supported our mission to bring a brighter and happier future to the Peruvian students.